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All Animals Can Fly

Monday May 13th 2013 12am 4 3 Comments Cartoon Management
At this moment he realized that the species he was talking to knew their business much better than he had expected.

New Manager - Adaptive Difficulty

Tuesday April 2nd 2013 12am 3 1 Comment Cartoon
After the meeting, they realized the new manager suffered from some adaptive difficulty.

New procedure for build breakers

Thursday October 11th 2012 6am 6 2 Comments Cartoon
A new habit is about to start and it reminds me to the Dark Ages were thieves were put to the pillory, so everyone could see and shout at them.

Service Desk

Thursday July 12th 2012 5am 1 0 Comments Cartoon ST&QA Magazine

Giraffe Accessible, The Workaround

Friday May 4th 2012 6am 3 0 Comments Cartoon ST&QA Magazine

Giraffe Accessible

Friday March 9th 2012 12am 0 0 Comments Cartoon
A reference to compatibility in general. For instance, browser compatibility. What works for FF, doesn't necessarily work for IE and/or other kinds of web browsers.

YU55 Near Miss

Friday January 6th 2012 8am 3 0 Comments Cartoon

Testers meeting at the bar

Thursday October 6th 2011 8am 11 3 Comments Cartoon

It Works on My Machine

Tuesday August 23rd 2011 8am 15 5 Comments Cartoon

Eat it

Monday July 4th 2011 12am 8 5 Comments Cartoon
Everyone expects testers to do a great testing job, regardless of whether you get the right information at the right time. There is not much you can do about it. I still remember Bart Simpson‘s phrase „You are damned if you do, and you are damned if you don‘t“. So, if you‘re a tester, you have to get familiar with the fact that you get the blame for defects that are left undetected, and developers get the glory if it works.

Declining Confidence

Tuesday May 17th 2011 12am 5 0 Comments Cartoon
Wishful Thinking


Wednesday February 2nd 2011 1pm 7 1 Comment
Common misconception between testers and project leaders / managers.

Christmas Dinner

Saturday January 15th 2011 2pm 8 0 Comments Cartoon
With this cartoon I earned an incredible number of feedback through email and some even came by my desk personally to condolate. While thinking it over I could hit the nail on the head even better by adding a speech balloon on top of one of the figures saying "Not again..." as it wasn't the first business XMAS-Dinner like this. The last XMAS-Dinner or shall I say release plan was exactly of the same pattern.

Minor Risk Patches

Thursday December 9th 2010 9am 7 2 Comments Cartoon
Testers like to demonstrate that the software is not ready to ship (yet) but sometimes they fail miserably by making it clear enough..., and the customer might get a nasty surprise.

Can you afford to NOT execute all your test cases?

Wednesday November 17th 2010 2pm 8 2 Comments Cartoon
I remember the time where we had a set of only few automated tests and a big set of manual test cases. As the number of features grew also did the number of test cases.

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