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Matt Heusser

Excelon Development

Consulting Software Tester

A consulting software tester and software process naturalist, Matt has spent the past 12 years or so developing, testing, and leading in dev/testing of computer software. Beyond the work itself, Matt has had notable roles as a part-time instructor in Information Systems at Calvin College, a contributing editor to Software Test & Performance Magazine, the lead organizer for the 2008 Workshop On Technical Debt, and most recently as Senior Editor for the "How To Reduce The Cost Of Software Testing" book project.


My Articles

TWiST #131: History of the Quality Movement, Part 3

Friday January 18th 2013 5am 3 0 Comments podcast
Where we conclude Matt's keynote with the lessons and takeaways from our previous century, and how we can learn from, and transcend, the good and bad lessons or our past.

TWiST #130: History of the Quality Movement, Part 2

Friday January 11th 2013 4am 4 1 Comment podcast
So now that we know how we got here, MAtt discusses some of the current trends and fads related to quality and where we are doing things right or wrong... for some definition of right or wrong.

TWiST #129: History of the Quality Movement

Friday January 4th 2013 5am 7 1 Comment podcast
Where Matt comes to us from the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference and asks "where have we come from, and is our history as true as we think it is?"

When Things Come Full-Circle

Monday December 31st 2012 9am 5 5 Comments Software Software Test Professionals Conference Testing ST&QA Magazine
Where Matt talks about the past, the present ... and the the future.

TWiST #128: STP-CON Panel: Telling Our Story

Friday December 28th 2012 8am 3 0 Comments
Where the panel at large grapples with the sobering thought... "if we aren't a profession, then what exactly are we?"
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