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Badges are cool little awards you can earn by participating in the community. Each badge earns you a set amount of points. Get your chat on, start or join a crew, or even write an opinion piece to earn some points and impress your peers.

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10 Points - You exude an extreme amount of self-assurance - way to go! You've twice rated your own comment or items positively.

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10 Points - So your always talking about what happend in the yesteryears. You used the phrase "back in my day" and now you've earned the Curmudgeon badge.

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10 Points - A long speech by one speaker - that's you. You like to comment - LOTS! In fact, you've commented more than anyone else. You commented in at least half the comments in a thread with 8 or more comments.

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Pen in the Ink

15 Points - You wrote your first article. Keep writing and you might just be the next Hemingway!

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15 Points - Keep your thumbs up! You are actively involved in rating content.

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Fully Involved

15 Points - You have both commented and rated the same item. We're all glad you are so involved!

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Enter the Dragon

15 Points - Thanks for logging into the site for the first time. Enjoy!

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Break the Ice

15 Points - Thanks for breaking the ice! You're the first to comment on an item - everyone else is sure to follow.

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Registered Voter

15 Points - You've rated your first article. Thanks for the rating.

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I gots a posse

15 Points - You've joined your first Crew. Now you can meet and greet with other like minded Crew members. Way to go!

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Negative Nancy

50 Points - Why ya gotta be a downer?

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50 Points - You know what's happening before everyone else does. You've read an article within 24 hours of it being published.

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Grand Poobah

50 Points - You've earned lots of points. In fact, you are the number one points leader.

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100 Points - You have the highest achievement level (Epic Tester) possible, way to go Superman!

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Town Crier

100 Points - Earn this badge when you refer 3 people who create accounts on the site.

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Hot Stuff

100 Points - Publish an article and have it receive 10 comments in 24 hours.

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Frequent Flyer

100 Points - Attend three Software Test Professionals conferences or events.

Nobody holds this Achievement yet, get it!


100 Points - You're a member of 3 crews and are actively participating in discussions in all 3 crews.

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100 Points - You've participated in three STP webinars.

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Socially Acceptable

100 Points - Thanks for linking both your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your STP account.

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100 Points - Way to go Hemingway, you've authored five articles.

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