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Demystifying Mobile Application Testing

August 22 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am MDT


In the past decade, mobile technologies have rapidly evolved. What started as a “nice to have” feature for companies, is now a “must have” feature. Everything is mobile. Customers won’t even check out your product if you do not have a mobile web, native or hybrid application to showcase your product. This being the case, how are we testers going to align our thinking; based on how the end user will use our mobile applications? After several years of testing various types of mobile applications, I started seeing patterns in terms of common issues which kept re-occurring in applications. Based on this I came up with a mind map which can help to do quick tours on your mobile application. Using this mind map, you will be able to get quick feedback about your application to make informed decisions.

In this webinar, I will discuss how to use this mind map, what kind of issues you will be able to uncover and of course discuss tip and tricks to make your mobile exploration more effective. If you are either new to mobile testing or already doing it but need some ideas to do your job better, this could be the webinar for you.

A message form our speaker:

Session Takeaways:

  • Cover basics of mobile eco system
  • How to do quick tours on your mobile application
  • Mobile Testing tools
  • Advancements in mobile testing

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Webinar Speaker:

Raj Subramanian – Developer Evangelist, Testim.io
Raj Subramanian is a former developer who moved to testing to focus on his passion. Raj currently works as a Developer Evangelist for Testim.io, that provides stable self-healing AI based test automation to enterprises such as Netapp, Swisscom,Wix and Autodesk. He also provides mobile training and consulting for different clients. He actively contributes to the testing community by speaking at conferences, writing articles, blogging, making videos on his Youtube channel and being directly involved in various testing-related activities. He currently resides in Chicago and can be reached at raj@testim.io and on twitter at @epsilon11. He actively blogs on www.testim.io and his website www.rajsubra.com. His videos on testing, leadership and productivity can be found here.

Speaker Details:

Twitter: @epsilon11
LinkedIn: Raj Subramanian
Website: RajSubra.com
Blog: RajSubra.com/Blog
Company Blog: Testim.io Blog
YouTube Channel: Videos
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August 22
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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