Software Test Training


Online Training includes many options for the testing professional, all from the comfort of your desk. Watch recorded webinars or participate live in our STP Community Webinar series, STP has the online training to meet your needs. Have an idea for a webinar? Submit it now!


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Onsite or In-Person software testing training are scheduled events around the US and are usually 1- 3 days in length. Onsite Training is limited to 30 Software Testing Professionals at a time.

Software Test Professionals Conference


Held twice a year and alternating between eastern and western locations. STPCon contains 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 2 days of sessions.
Our flexible training options are designed to give software test and quality assurance professionals the skills necessary to successfully transform their complex business challenges into strategic capabilities. Below you will find our complete training calendar, you can browse by course, by location and by delivery format.

We are creating a training calendar that will provide you the one-stop shop for your software testing training needs. Subscribe to our Community list to receive updates on our progress. If you have a particular topic in mind for training, or you think you would like to lead a webinar, let us know, we are always looking for new topics and great new speakers!

Testing a Data Science Model

Join Laveena as she goes through a journey of discovering data science model testing and finding the following takeaways useful, not just for testing a data science model, but for day-to-day testing too.

Testing Cookie Consent for the Web in Multiple Languages

Cookie consent solutions are critical for online businesses to thrive and establish trust with their users. As software testing professionals, we have a unique ability to shape not only quality within our own roles, but as human beings fighting for the greater good in data privacy. The cookie consent banners and dialogs we often see on the web exist for two primary reasons: to mitigate risks like privacy fines and damaging headlines and to show the world there is a way to do privacy right.

No MBA? No Problem – Earn Your Q-TAP at Team Manager Bootcamp

In this 2-hour webinar bootcamp we will explore ideas on how we develop management traits and skills. How do we separate people from products? Discuss ideas about what we do on a day-to-day basis to help our team members stay focused and happy. Discuss techniques on what to do when things are not going so well.

Extending Test Automation with Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks are a popular and powerful tool used in data science that allows you to create and share documents that blend descriptive content with executable code. This blending of code and content can also be a powerful tool for empowering testers through automation.