Software Test Training

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Online Training includes many options for the testing professional, all from the comfort of your desk. From self-lead to webinar classes, STP has the online training to meet your needs.


Onsite or In-Person software testing training are scheduled events around the US and are usually 1- 3 days in length. Onsite Training is limited to 30 Software Testing Professionals at a time.

Software Test Professionals Conference


Held twice a year and alternating between eastern and western locations. STPCon contains 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 2 days of sessions.

Our flexible training options are designed to give software test and quality assurance professionals the skills necessary to successfully transform their complex business challenges into strategic capabilities. Below you will find our complete training calendar, you can browse by course, by location and by delivery format.

We are creating a training calendar that will provide you the one-stop shop for your software testing training needs. Subscribe to our Community list to receive updates on our progress. If you have a particular topic in mind for training, or you think you would like to lead a webinar, let us know, we are always looking for new topics and great new speakers!

Testing Problems that have Remained Unsolved

Testing as a practice has evolved over many years. We have had many experts who are popular today. We have many styles, schools and approaches to testing. A lot of complex problems have been solved. Yet – there remains a bunch of problems that are fundamental that have remained unsolved.

Common Questions from the Testing Trenches on the Future of QA

Recorded October 11, 2017 It seems that regardless of the day to day activities that we have as QA professionals, there is always time for real, frank questions about our roles and the impact we can have on, or that is had on us, by the latest technology trends. We...

What is Agile Testing Anyway?

Recorded: July 12th, 2017 As more and more organizations transition to agile, many still do not understand how testing fits into agile teams. Does it simply mean placing a tester on every team? Or does it mean doing away with the role of testers? Pradeepa...

The Never Ending Benefits of Training

One of the most important aspects of a manager's job is to see to it that his employees are properly prepared to perform the duties required and expected of them. Once the employee is on board, whether he is a new hire or a veteran, the manager needs to continually...