Software Test Training


Online Training includes many options for the testing professional, all from the comfort of your desk. Watch recorded webinars or participate live in our STP Community Webinar series, STP has the online training to meet your needs. Have an idea for a webinar? Submit it now!


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Onsite or In-Person software testing training are scheduled events around the US and are usually 1- 3 days in length. Onsite Training is limited to 30 Software Testing Professionals at a time.

Software Test Professionals Conference


Held twice a year and alternating between eastern and western locations. STPCon contains 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 2 days of sessions.
Our flexible training options are designed to give software test and quality assurance professionals the skills necessary to successfully transform their complex business challenges into strategic capabilities. Below you will find our complete training calendar, you can browse by course, by location and by delivery format.

We are creating a training calendar that will provide you the one-stop shop for your software testing training needs. Subscribe to our Community list to receive updates on our progress. If you have a particular topic in mind for training, or you think you would like to lead a webinar, let us know, we are always looking for new topics and great new speakers!

Modern Testing – Let’s Focus More on Quality and Less on Testing

Join Joel as he reviews the forces pushing change in the way products are created and delivered, and will introduce the Modern Testing Principles, going over them to understand their challenges and breakthroughs!

Quality Focused Software Testing in Critical Infrastructure

When testing software, it is not uncommon to hear that one hundred percent coverage is unachievable. What happens, then when we are asked to do such a thing. If the software that is being tested is used in critical infrastructure (power systems, water, medical, banking, etc.) then an escaped bug is not a trivial thing.

Performance Assurance Evolution for Your Organization

Since managing performance and assuring it is acceptable is not a trivial task neither just a matter of running load, the webinar will go through all of the possible routes an organization should become familiar to achieve great performance.

The Secret Sauce to Continuous Deployment Testing

No need for antacids or a doctor, just come to this session to find out all the juices and spices necessary to make that delicious secret sauce of automated tests that allows CenterEdge Software to continuously deploy most of its web software, both micro-services and monoliths.