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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Software Test Professionals. Currently, there are several ways to contribute content to STP and the software testing community.

Editorial Contributor & Live Presentation Guidelines

Prospective editorial and presentation contributors are invited to submit the following: article proposals for the Software Test Professionals website (; presentations delivered in a live webinar format for the STP Community Webinar Series; live virtual or in-person workshops and/or sessions presented at STPCon or other STP events.

Articles, webinars, and workshops/sessions (content) are intended for software and application development managers, project managers, team leaders, and test and quality assurance managers. Content should provide useful information about trends and emerging technologies, best practices, policies, and procedures, choosing development and test methodologies, determining requirements, hiring and managing staff, solving quality and performance problems, and proactively implementing new technologies (including tools). All submissions should offer practical solutions, tips, and techniques for improving enterprise software quality and post-deployment performance. Contributors should be experienced practitioners in the field of software development, test, quality, and/or performance management.

Article Submissions for

  • Previously published works (duplicate content) will not be considered.
  • Full article with proposed title, abstract, and body required for consideration.
  • Provide the proper credit and citation for any and all external sources used within the article. STP will not accept plagiarized content.
  • Provide any graphics or photos as .JPEG or .GIF files (one graphic/photo per 1,000 words is optimal). All graphics and/or photos MUST BE original and owned by the author or must include permission and citation for use.
  • An author bio, headshot, and contact information is required for submission. Include any social media, personal blog, or company website information for the author’s profile page.
  • If there are additional authors credited for the article(s), please provide the full details for any co-authors or contributors.
  • Your submission will be reviewed by our team of industry practitioners. We may reach out with any questions and/or editorial suggestions regarding your article.
  • By submitting an article(s) you are giving STP permission to publish the article(s) on Submission does not guarantee that the article(s) will be accepted or published.

STP is always accepting new article proposals — Submit your article proposal now!

STP Community Webinar Submissions

  • Webinar submissions previously given as in-person sessions or virtual presentations are discouraged.
  • Provide a full abstract for the webinar presentation with proposed title, topic category (i.e. automation, agile, leadership, strategy, etc.), and important presentation takeaways.
  • Presentation slides and graphics (i.e. photos, charts, graphs, diagrams, code listings, etc.) must be original work owned or created by the presenter. Externally sourced content must be properly credited and cited.
  • A speaker bio, head shot and contact details are required. Provide any social media links, personal website/blog, or company website information to include on your webinar page on the STP website.
  • Your submission will be reviewed by our team of industry practitioners. We may reach out with questions regarding your abstract or offer suggestions to help improve your presentation.
  • STP also may contact you about presenting this content at a future STPCon, in-person or virtual.

STP is always accepting webinar proposals — Submit your webinar proposal now!

Call for Proposals – STP Conferences (STPCon)

Who May Submit Proposals?
All software test and quality assurance professionals – practitioners, consultants, professional speakers, trainers, and solution providers – are invited to submit proposals for workshops and/or sessions.

Key Selection Criteria:

  • Clear expertise or experience in the topic proposed.
  • Dynamic presentation skills and experience speaking in front of large audiences.
  • Content pertinent to test management, testing processes and methodologies, test metrics and measurements, agile development, leadership and strategy, test automation, test teams, and more.
  • Content that emphasizes practical, proven how-to ideas with real world examples.
  • Content focused on specific topics for experienced testers draws more interest from attendees as opposed to general overview content intended for beginners.
  • Fresh, timely content that is free of promotional material.
  • Note: Event sponsors may also submit for product demos.

STP is always accepting speaking proposals — Submit your workshop and/or session proposal now!

Please Note:

  • Submission of an article(s) does not guarantee it will be accepted or published. Publication of articles is at the sole discretion of Software Test Professionals.
  • Contact STP directly if you are interested in submitting a keynote presentation for STPCon or other STP events.
  • If you are interested in sponsoring opportunities or would like to propose content related to products and/or services (editorial, webinar or demo), please contact STP. Advertising charges may apply.