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Software Test Professionals Conference & EXPO

The Leading Conference on Software Testing – Where Testers Come to Learn

The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management and strategy converge. The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management. Attending this conference will help you meet your professional career goals and give you the opportunity to improve your software testing techniques; find the latest tools; discover emerging trends; develop new or improve existing processes; network and gather with other high-level professionals; and gain industry insight you won’t find anywhere else.


STPCon offers two days of four-hour workshops designed to dive deep into the testing methodologies you care about most. Our instructors come from the trenches, passing along proven tactics to help you become a more efficient and effective testing professional.


Each STPCon, our hand-picked industry leaders, visionaries, and pioneers inspire our audience to not only think differently but to pause, reflect and take action upon their return to the office. Come see for yourself – check out STPCon today.


With more than 40 sessions, STPCon provides wide coverage in areas such as Automation, Performance, Agile, Mobile Testing, Leadership, and Strategy. STPCon meets the needs of the single engineer shop to the largest international test teams.

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Join Us in Newport Beach, CA – April 9-12, 2018

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Since 2009 Software Test Professionals has held two conferences a year, usually close to pockets of testing professionals. Committed to delivering the best experience STP utilizes volunteers for the community to help with the STPCon program. The work these testing practitioners produce creates a well-rounded program touching all aspect of the testing practice. STP takes pride in the comments from attendees complementing the organization, class size, professionalism of instructors, topics and of course the food (we eat well at STPCon). Take a look at our past events, session descriptions and locations and please going us for a future STPCon near you.

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Leading Business Testers

Watch This Webinar Now: Oftentimes companies forego hiring large professional test teams and opt instead to use individuals from the business to perform testing. As a test lead, leading a team of business testers can be a different and unique challenge.

7 Ways to Upskill & Transform Yourself into a Security Tester

STP Webinar: Upskilling requires unlearning followed by learning attitude for any individual. And also before transforming to anything, one needs to understand the importance in terms of “Why should I be upskilling and why should I care?”

What You Need to Know About Web App Security Testing in 2018

Security testing is a huge topic. In this webinar, Ken will discuss his experience working for small companies where security testing is a requirement, but often gets overlooked. Ken will explore some of the basic things a software development professionals should know about web application security, such as the resources available from OWASP.

Defect Metrics for Organization and Project Health

Are you looking for a simple, meaningful approach to gather and report defect metrics? Want to make your project defects more visible? Wondering how to report defects to management and show value? With an ever-increasing demand to show the business value of your testing, David Bialek explores a simple step-by-step method for metric management of issues.

Can QA Contribute in Production Operation Testing for a Successful Software Release/Deployment?

Production deployment starts with the first line of code: an application should be built to work in production infrastructure, could be deployed using existing process, be it CD or manual update and handle load expected in production. Even in almost ideal CD process with wide use of automation where it is possible, some human interaction might be required when it comes to changes to DB, build scripts or infrastructure with new release.

Automated Exploratory Testing

In today’s Agile world the time to market is becoming increasingly shorter. There is a constant desire to release new features to keep ahead of the competition. Because of this, we have a shorter amount of time to do exploratory and manual testing. Especially, when you have to account for all the different combinations of OS’s, languages, orientations, and resolutions your mobile app supports.

Alternatives to Selenium (Appium) for Mobile Testing

Appium, a popular tool relying on Selenium for mobile testing, has its shortcomings. We explore other automated testing tools that make a viable alternative to it.

Testing Problems that have Remained Unsolved

Testing as a practice has evolved over many years. We have had many experts who are popular today. We have many styles, schools and approaches to testing. A lot of complex problems have been solved. Yet – there remains a bunch of problems that are fundamental that have remained unsolved.

Parasoft Continuous Testing Solutions Extend Support for Continuous Integration (CI) to Accelerate End-to-End Testing

Parasoft SOAtest and Virtualize now support more popular CI platforms, including Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, and Microsoft...

Common Questions from the Testing Trenches on the Future of QA

Recorded October 11, 2017 It seems that regardless of the day to day activities that we have as QA professionals, there is...

Enhanced Customer Experience by Proactive Performance Testing

Recorded August 23, 2017 Now a days, customer experience plays the crucial role for both traditional and digital business....

Continuous Integration and How it Affects Testing

Recorded August 9th, 2017 What is Continuous Integration (CI)? Why use it? How is testing affected by CI? Do you ever sit...

The Hidden Requirements: Exploring Emotions with Placebos

Recorded: July 28th, 2017 A placebo is designed and used primarily for psychological benefit. Things like sugar pills,...

What is Agile Testing Anyway?

Recorded: July 12th, 2017 As more and more organizations transition to agile, many still do not understand how testing fits...

Make Your Automation Behave: Extending Your Framework for BDD

Recorded June 28, 2017 When done properly, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) can drastically improve the communication and...

Getting Started with Automation

Recorded: June 14th, 2017 An introduction to better practices and some of the common tool sets used when creating a...

Testing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Recorded: May 26th, 2017 In an increasingly hypothesis-driven product development world, experimenting with Minimum Viable...

You Bet Your Life – Playing the Automation Tool Selection Game

Recorded: May 10th, 2017 In order to choose an appropriate tool to assist in testing, organizations need to consider three...

Finding Efficiencies in Software Testing

Recorded: April 26th, 2017 Many of us feel like we never have enough time to fully test in a given sprint, cycle or other...

40+ of the Best, Free Testing Tools in 60 Minutes

Recorded: April 12th, 2017 - 12:00pm Eastern Yes, you heard that right... 40 of the best, FREE tools for testing software...

Fast Start Your Test Automation

What is the biggest defeat of a tester? A defect creeping into production - a simple but critical defect. Sometimes...

A Brand New Experience

Welcome to the new! Since 2009 STP has been serving the software testing and QA community with...

STP Radio: Perfomance Gurus – Proegler, Pulley and Tomlinson – STPCon Fall 2016

The always entertaining Eric Proegler, Mark Tomlinson, and James Pulley chat with Smita Mishra on another STP Radio...

STP Radio: Leo Laskin & Kevin Berg of Sauce Labs – STPCon Fall 2016

It's that time again. Time for our STP Radio host, Mike Lyles, to have a conversation with more of our STPCon speakers....

STP Radio: Interview with Keynote – Mikko Hypponen – STPCon Fall 2016

Welcome to another episode of STP Radio. Today, Smita Mishra talks with our opening keynote speaker, Mikko Hypponen - Chief...

STP Radio: Interview with Amber Race – STPCon Fall 2016

In this episode of STP Radio Mike Lyles chats with Amber Race about her session at the upcoming STPCon in Dallas -...

STP Radio: Keynote Panel Interview – STPCon Fall 2016

Listen in as Mike Lyles and Smita Mishra chat with the Keynote Panel from the upcoming STPCon in Dallas - September 19-22,...

Excuse me, what is Context Driven Testing?

Excuse me, what is Context Driven Testing?

The Bridge Between Technical Quality Assurance and a Clear Value Proposition

Quality assurance testing is not only essential to assess the quality of a company’s products and services, but it is also...

The Secret Sauce for Making Enterprise Agile Software Testing Projects Succeed

The Agile methodology, with its breaking down functionality to user stories, has proven effective for independent...