STP Webinar: Testing a Data Science Model

oin Laveena as she goes through a journey of discovering data science model testing and finding the following takeaways useful, not just for testing a data science model, but for day-to-day testing too.

Recorded: July 14th, Noon Eastern

STP Webinar: Distributed WorkLoad Generator for Performance Load Testing Using Emerging Technologies

Load testing tools available in the market come with their own challenges like Cost, Learning Curve, and Workloads Support. Here in this talk, we are going to demonstrate how we have built JAAS (JMeter As A Service) Distributed WorkLoad Testing solution using Containers and opensource tools and how this solution playing a crucial role in Delivering Servers Validation efforts.

Recorded: June 30th, Noon Eastern

STP Webinar: Testing Cookie Consent for the Web in Multiple Languages

Testing cookie consent dialogs across many languages and browsers can seem like a daunting task. I’ll talk about how we’ve scaled front end testing efforts for this specific problem at Osano and how we’ve integrated front-end automated test coverage for cookie consent banners in over thirty-six languages.


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The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management and strategy converge. The hottest topics in the industry are covered including Artificial Intelligence, agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, and test team management. Attending this conference will help you meet your professional career goals and give you the opportunity to improve your software testing techniques; find the latest tools; discover emerging trends; develop new or improve existing processes; network and gather with other high-level professionals; and gain industry insight you won’t find anywhere else.

STPCon 2021 – COVID-19 News

Once again, we are faced with a surge of COVID 19 cases to a level where people are either uncomfortable in a crowd or employers are hesitant to support a conference where employees could be at a higher risk for exposure to the virus.

Based on feedback from our community including STPCon Alumni, speakers, and sponsors, we have made the decision to cancel the fall conference which had been scheduled to take place September 27 – 29, 2021 in St. Louis, Missouri.

We will continue to monitor the situation and heed the guidance provided by health officials. We welcome any feedback you wish to share with us.

Watch for future updates.


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With more than 35 sessions, STPCon provides wide coverage in areas such as Automation, Performance, Agile, Mobile Testing, AI & Machine Learning, Leadership, and Strategy. STPCon meets the needs of the single engineer shop to the largest international test teams.

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Since 2009, Software Test Professionals has held two conferences a year and is committed to delivering the best experience for our attendees. STP utilizes volunteers from the community to help produce the STPCon program, with the insight and expertise of these testing practitioners creating a well-rounded event touching all aspects of the testing practice. STP takes pride in the testimonials from attendees complementing the organization, class size, professionalism of instructors, and wide rage of testing topics. Take a look at our past events, session descriptions and locations, and we look forward to seeing you at a future STPCon!

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STP & STPCon: Changing Times, Moving Forward

Since 2009 STP has been a community of like-minded software testing professionals – communicating, collaborating, growing,...

Selenium Impact: The Future of Software Testing

With the advent of automation, the software testing scenario has completely changed. Let’s dive into the present and future to understand how advancement in automation will impact the Software Testing World.

Testing a Data Science Model

Join Laveena as she goes through a journey of discovering data science model testing and finding the following takeaways useful, not just for testing a data science model, but for day-to-day testing too.

Distributed WorkLoad Generator for Performance Load Testing Using Emerging Technologies

Load testing tools available in the market come with challenges like Cost, Learning Curve, and Workloads Support. This talk will demonstrate how we have built JAAS (JMeter As A Service) Distributed WorkLoad Testing solution using containers and opensource tools and how this solution plays a crucial role in Delivering Servers Validation efforts.

Testing Cookie Consent for the Web in Multiple Languages

Cookie consent solutions are critical for online businesses to thrive and establish trust with their users. As software testing professionals, we have a unique ability to shape not only quality within our own roles, but as human beings fighting for the greater good in data privacy. The cookie consent banners and dialogs we often see on the web exist for two primary reasons: to mitigate risks like privacy fines and damaging headlines and to show the world there is a way to do privacy right.

Creating A Mob: A New Tester’s Journey to Getting People Together To Test

Ben has incorporated mob testing into the StoryBlocks testing culture. He will focus on what he has found to be the benefits of mob testing (such as improved communication and relationships among teams & spreading product knowledge), helpful hints for making sure the sessions go well (such as being prepared ahead of times & following up and using temporary Slack channels as a tool), and his journey of how, as a new tester, he helped his organization leverage mob testing to overcome communication difficulties and improve the speed and impact of their testing efforts.

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First: Self-Care and Leading by Example

Times are tough right now. At all levels, people are struggling to find their way through the challenges of a pandemic. People are balancing home and work life in ways they never imagined. Some people don’t have the energy to think about self-care, and some don’t think they have the space or permission to. As leaders in tech, it’s our job to support and protect our people – but how do we do that when we’re struggling just as much as they are?

No MBA? No Problem – Earn Your Q-TAP at Team Manager Bootcamp

In this 2-hour webinar bootcamp we will explore ideas on how we develop management traits and skills. How do we separate people from products? Discuss ideas about what we do on a day-to-day basis to help our team members stay focused and happy. Discuss techniques on what to do when things are not going so well.

Extending Test Automation with Jupyter Notebooks

Jupyter Notebooks are a popular and powerful tool used in data science that allows you to create and share documents that blend descriptive content with executable code. This blending of code and content can also be a powerful tool for empowering testers through automation.

Automated Accessibility Testing: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Drive Accessible Digital Experiences

The World Bank estimates that around 15% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability. That is a staggering 1 billion people who can be struggling to use your website if it is not accessible. There are legal implications to that, too. In the U.S., web accessibility lawsuits hit all-time highs last year. Artificial intelligence has long been used to create better, personalized user experiences (hey, Netflix). But now automation testing companies are also looking for ways to leverage the tech and address accessibility challenges better. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Top 5 Performance Tests for the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be one of the fastest growing and most diverse technology sectors in the world with solutions including connected cars, smart electricity metering, smart homes, factory automation, and more.

Quality Leadership, Testing, and Governance Tactics that Make or Break Your Progressive Delivery System

More and more companies are using Progressive Delivery to get all types of changes – new features, configuration changes, bug fixes, and experiments – into production in a safer, faster, and most importantly, a sustainable way.

Challenges of Automation at Scale

The objective of this presentation will be to make the audience aware of the challenges, as well as, what they can do on a day-to-day basis to avoid these issues. Manoj will be sharing various do’s and do not’s with the audience which can be implemented from day 1.

Scaling Quality

JoEllen not only introduces the core practices in each thread; she also describes how Olo rolled the practices out to 14 different teams and how they adapted the approach collaboratively with the team. She’ll provide an overview of the WTQ bootcamps, strategy workshops, and quarterly retros, which respectively introduce the approach, provide practice in new skills, and adapt working agreements for each team. It’s WTQ-in-a-box for teams who are experiencing growth and struggling to articulate a cohesive strategy.

Agile QA Toolkit

As QA you are expected to be knowledgeable on the different tools and methodologies used. Finding the root cause of issues, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the development team, design, and product owners while still ensuring that releases are sent out on time.

Modern Testing – Let’s Focus More on Quality and Less on Testing

Join Joel as he reviews the forces pushing change in the way products are created and delivered, and will introduce the Modern Testing Principles, going over them to understand their challenges and breakthroughs!

The F Word: Giving Great Feedback

This talk will first define feedback, the different types of feedback, the market numbers around feedback, and why feedback is a necessary part of growth. Additionally, there are several studies to draw from that show how important receiving feedback is to people, particularly younger professionals.

How to Start Testing with Python

Andrew Knight shows you how to start testing with Python and targets anyone who wants to dive head-first into learning everything Python.

Implementing BDD: How One Team is Making it Work

Webinar Recorded 09/09/20: This talk will answer why BDD is the right methodology and what does the process look like, in which Christine will share the preparation, major milestones, successes, and failures encountered along the way.

Applying Software Craftsmanship to the Evolving World of Automation

Software Craftsmanship is a practice of continuous development and helping others learn this craft. As the world is evolving towards the era of scripting language, Khyati will be sharing our experience of how we have grown as a team of all QA with programming language background to the niche typescript world contributor.

BDD + Gherking – BDD = Happiness

Bas will explore a model of happiness to show how tools can improve your life and show you what did not work and why, as well as best practices he has learned from the process.

The Hidden Costs of BDD Tools

In this talk, Titus Fortner, Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will discuss the various reasons why people choose to use BDD tools, and what the benefits are supposed to be. He will then discuss the reality for many companies before getting into some of the inherent underlying issues with BDD tooling, including why teams so often end up in trouble when using them. Finally, there will be a discussion of alternatives and recommendations for getting the most out of your UI testing.

High Impact Customer Testing in Agile and Continuous Delivery Environments

Today’s complex technology landscape makes it progressively more difficult to deliver products with frictionless experiences that meet the evolving interoperability demands of your customers. Engineering teams are under enormous pressure to discover defects, user experience issues, critical feature gaps, and in-the-wild interoperability problems before releasing a product.

Continuous Secure Testing: Stepping Stones to a New Era of Your Testing Brigade

Security has become a necessity in our day-to-day activities. Are we aware of how we can uncover these vulnerabilities? Do we understand the basic security tests that we run? Can we analyze and understand whether the threat found is a false positive or not? How can we make Static Application Security Testing and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) work hand in hand for our benefit? How can we have DAST Automated with our dear Selenium? How can we apply DAST on Mobile Apps? How can we have DAST part of CI/CD pipeline?

Navigate Agile Testing Strategies with Predictive Analysis

The Predictive analysis carries to extract valuable information from the data sets with the help of the statistical algorithms and machine learning to forecast the trends and performance patterns. When it comes to software testing, predictive analytics makes everything clear about what to test and predict the quality issues before and after the production.

AI & UI Test Strategies for Intelligent Digital Ad Tech Platform

In the bustling Ad Tech industry, we are constantly presented with challenges. These range from segmenting browsers, targeting devices, users (consumers) and even environments. Ad presentation specifications are constantly changing, as new devices are always coming onto the market. Machine Learning model techniques are adopted to engage and know consumer preferences through ‘sentiment’ surveys or other polls. After performing automation on the newest (and oldest) mobile devices, a new connected TV device appears with unique challenges.

Quality Focused Software Testing in Critical Infrastructure

When testing software, it is not uncommon to hear that one hundred percent coverage is unachievable. What happens, then when we are asked to do such a thing. If the software that is being tested is used in critical infrastructure (power systems, water, medical, banking, etc.) then an escaped bug is not a trivial thing.

Principles to Guide Testing: Modern and Agile

In this webinar, Lisa Crispin will explore these two sets of principles, how they relate to each other, how teams can benefit from them, and how they might shape the future of testing and quality.

Speed Dating in the Tool Pool

Shopping for new tools is not unlike dating. You need to ask yourself the same questions: “What am I looking for?” “Do they fit in with the picture I have for my future?” “Will it get along with my friends colleagues?” On top of that, the testing tool landscape has changed so much in just the past few years. What expectations should you have? Where do you even go to “meet” these tools?

Performance Assurance Evolution for Your Organization

Since managing performance and assuring it is acceptable is not a trivial task neither just a matter of running load, the webinar will go through all of the possible routes an organization should become familiar to achieve great performance.