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The DevOps Dilemma

Are you worried about your organization’s ability to cope up with complexity of delivering at high velocity with excellent quality in multi-speed IT landscape and hybrid environments? Read some thoughts here about some Quality Engineering paradigms in DevOps world that we, Digital Assurance Services- Tech Mahindra, have implemented successfully with our customers.

Webinar: Re-Shaping the Test Pyramid

Recorded: August 28th, 12pm Eastern

Webinar: Demystifying Accessibility

Recorded: August 14th, 12pm Eastern

Webinar: Cynefin for XPers

Recorded: July 24th, 12pm Eastern


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Software Test Professionals Conference & EXPO

The Leading Conference on Software Testing – Where Testers Come to Learn

The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management and strategy converge. The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management. Attending this conference will help you meet your professional career goals and give you the opportunity to improve your software testing techniques; find the latest tools; discover emerging trends; develop new or improve existing processes; network and gather with other high-level professionals; and gain industry insight you won’t find anywhere else.


STPCon offers two days of four-hour workshops designed to dive deep into the testing methodologies you care about most. Our instructors come from the trenches, passing along proven tactics to help you become a more efficient and effective testing professional.


Each STPCon, our hand-picked industry leaders, visionaries, and pioneers inspire our audience to not only think differently but to pause, reflect and take action upon their return to the office. Come see for yourself – check out STPCon today.


With more than 40 sessions, STPCon provides wide coverage in areas such as Automation, Performance, Agile, Mobile Testing, Leadership, and Strategy. STPCon meets the needs of the single engineer shop to the largest international test teams.

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Since 2009 Software Test Professionals has held two conferences a year, usually close to pockets of testing professionals. Committed to delivering the best experience STP utilizes volunteers for the community to help with the STPCon program. The work these testing practitioners produce creates a well-rounded program touching all aspect of the testing practice. STP takes pride in the comments from attendees complementing the organization, class size, professionalism of instructors, topics and of course the food (we eat well at STPCon). Take a look at our past events, session descriptions and locations and please going us for a future STPCon near you.

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Buy v. Build: 5 Things to Consider When Implementing a Mobile Device Cloud

In this presentation, Orlando will explore the following questions, outline the pros and cons of each buying and building, and provide key strategy and valuable tips to help enterprise mobility teams make the right decision when incorporating a mobile device cloud into their mobile app development and testing processes.

What Does Lean Software Development Mean For Testers?

Recorded 09/11/19 Lean has taken over software development. From Agile to DevOps, Lean manufacturing principles and...

Re-Shaping the Test Pyramid

In this session,​ Jennifer Bonine and Rick Faulise will explore new shifts in testing paradigms. Demonstrate an AI-first​ testing method that integrates with your current manual and automation testing, and understand AI that aids your app teams. Re-think where you want to spend time and money in your testing team in a challenge that plagues most companies of too much to test and too little time.

The DevOps Dilemma

Are you worried about your organization’s ability to cope up with the complexity of delivering at high velocity with excellent quality in multi-speed IT landscape and hybrid environments? Read some thoughts here about some Quality Engineering paradigms in DevOps world that we, Digital Assurance Services- Tech Mahindra, have implemented successfully with our customers.

Demystifying Accessibility

In this talk, we will confront misconceptions about what accessibility is and isn’t while taking an interactive look at how to test for usable, accessible and inclusive applications.

Cynefin for XPers

In this talk, Liz introduces the Cynefin framework to help make sense of different types of situations and how to approach them: the obvious ones, the complicated ones which require expertise, the complex ones in which outcomes emerge, and the chaotic ones that we’re usually trying to avoid. Find out how these simple concepts can help us counter our innate human desire for predictability, enabling change and innovation; not just in software development, but in every aspect of our lives.

Test Automation Strategies in an Agile World

Agile Development and Continuous Delivery are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for software development. The key business driver behind these initiatives: delivering new functionality to your customers faster. This is easy to state in theory but much harder to achieve in practice: the level of quality of your services must be maintained! If your system goes down once a week every week, your customers are unlikely to be happy.

5 Secrets for Simplifying Your Automated Test Cases

Are you tired of spending endless hours maintaining your automated test cases? Do you dread looking at test automation reports because of the tedious tweaks you know you’ll need to make from the latest updates from dev? Has your team lost its faith in test automation?

Keys to Effective Test Automation in DevOps

The ultimate goal of a DevOps approach is to deliver high-quality features to your customers at the pace they need. High performing DevOps shops point to continuous testing and test automation as key contributors to their success.

Accelerated Delivery with Accuracy in Testing: Happy End-User

Accelerated delivery is now mandatory, especially for digital transformation. That is the reason continuous delivery, low-code, no-code development is getting utilized everywhere. Application teams need to release the new features faster or update the features faster.

Zero Automation to Zero Fear in…More Than Zero Minutes!

As automation knocks on the door once again, for many there is a continued fear, when will I be automated away? While manual testing will continue for the foreseeable future, it never hurts to get introduced to the concepts of what might come next as a manual tester! The world of software development and software testing continues to change, and as it does, testing and development come to meet in the contested territory of DevOps.

AI Test Generation – What We’ve Learned So Far.

Since AI driven test generation was first introduced in 2017, much has been learned. Millions of test steps were generated and executed, finding thousands of bugs. We will dig into how the technology works, where it works and doesn’t.

Communication in Testing

The world of testing is always evolving – software development life-cycles, delivery models and team culture. We see this evolution affecting the way teams are constructed, what skill-sets are required, and the ownership of quality within the organization.

Testing in DevOps – A Testing Panel

Join our STP Community Webinar host, Smita Mishra, as she leads this panel discussion with Theresa Neate and Hilary Weaver-Robb. These seasoned Testing Professionals will discuss their experiences with testing, development, and a leadership perspective in a DevOps world. They will also discuss how testing has evolved, and the types of testing they are focusing on now.

Solving Performance Problems with AI

Sure, machine learning is nothing new. And artificial intelligence is nothing new. However, when we are starting to leverage these not-so-new “intelligence” tools in our work as test engineers, that is quite new. This webinar gives some advice based on some research over the last 2 years of burgeoning ideas about how we are going to conduct performance testing and engineering work with AI and ML.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Michael Bolton

Here is your opportunity to ask any questions to Michael Bolton. Michael is a consulting software tester and testing teacher who helps people solve testing problems that they didn’t realize they could solve.

The QE/QA Role: Supporting DevOps the Smart Way

Focusing on more valuable automation, shifting traditional “right” tasks left, and tailoring refinement to account for more efficient activities are some of the topics we’ll discuss.

Three Tips for Dissolving QA and Testing Bottlenecks on Agile Teams

The modern-day quality assurance and testing practitioner is inundated with tools, techniques, and methodologies for...

Intro to Postmodern Testing

Recorded 01/23/19 Modern testing isn’t keeping up with Agile and DevOps. Postmodern testing, like its artistic parallel,...

What is Testing, and How do We Measure It?

I won't bombard you with gazillions of testing metrics in this article. Instead, I would like to share my thoughts on what...

How Measuring Defect Detection Percentage (DDP) Improves Regression Test Coverage

In this Webinar, we will show you the fundamentals to calculating how effective your team is at finding bugs in your software. Using ServiceNow and Micro Focus ALM to demonstrate, we’ll show you how to automate the flow of information between your ALM and ITSM tools to monitor DDP in real time.

Advanced Anomaly Detection in Canary Testing

Here at Functionize we have taken the idea of canary testing and have added some of our AI magic to make a system that is...

How Machine Learning Is Being Used in New Age QA Automation Tools

Machine Learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) tools are the hottest topics right now in the testing industry, however, QA managers and manual testers have little to no knowledge about it. Thus, Yarin, the co-founder of TestCraft will go deeply into the details of ML functionality and explain the importance of ML & codeless Selenium – with real examples, statistics, and applications.

The Art and Science of Test Automation

You can start painting without learning how to draw, but a good artist can tell — just by looking at a painting— if a work of art was done by someone who was an experienced artist, or a novice. Similarly, you can start automation without much training, but an engineer, well versed in automation, can quickly tell whether someone is practiced or not.

Compliance and Agility – How it can be Done

Delivering a compliant product can be a resource intensive and challenging activity for most teams. Whether a team is trying to be compliant with company standards, industry standards or international standard it needs to produce various deliverables like specifications and formal verification documents.

The Holy Trinity of UI Testing

Recorded 09/12/18 What to test in a web application? What approach to use? Do we know what we want to achieve? Validate...

Demystifying Mobile Application Testing

Recorded 08/22/18 Demystifying Mobile Application Testing In the past decade, mobile technologies have rapidly evolved....

Machine Learning and Its Impact to Software Development

The value of machine learning is rooted in its ability to create models that guide future actions and to discover patterns missed by the naked eye. Machine learning methods are vastly superior in analyzing potential customer churn across data from multiple sources such as transactional, social media, and CRM sources.

Rapid UI Test Automation – Avoiding the Pitfalls

Developers continue inventing new technologies to build Web applications. They automatically generate code and markup, and asynchronously load data. And this creates new technical challenges for Web UI test automation.

Entrepreneurship in Software Testing

Are you on your way to be an independent consultant or starting a Software Testing startup? Do you feel it is more like a leap of faith or is it a very calculated step taken only when you are 100% sure of success? In order to succeed, there are some general heuristics that need to be taken care of, irrespective of which business you start but then there are specifics about the nature of business and subject matter involved that hold true for a particular kind of enterprise.