Recorded 06/30/21

In DellEMC Enterprise Servers Validation Organization, we perform Load testing using different workloads (Web, FTP, Database, Mail, etc.) on Servers to identify the performance of the servers under heavy load. Knowing how DellEMC Enterprise Servers perform under heavy load (% CPU, % Memory, % Network, % Disk) is extremely valuable and critical. This is achieved with the help of Load Testing Tools. Load testing tools available in the market come with challenges like Cost, Learning Curve, and Workloads Support. This talk will demonstrate how we have built JAAS (JMeter As A Service) Distributed WorkLoad Testing solution using containers and opensource tools and how this solution plays a crucial role in Delivering Servers Validation efforts.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • This webinar will cover the challenges in Load testing tools available in the market and how can we build in-house solutions with open source solutions like Jmeter, Docker, Python and Elastic Stack.

Our Speaker:

Vishnu Murty - STP WebinarVishnu Murty – Automation Technologist, DellEMC
Vishnu is an Automation Technologist at DellEMC, has a Masters in Software Systems with 14+ years’ experience in Automation Development efforts. The domains he has worked on include Server, Storage and System Management Software. He is responsible for delivering Zeno – continues Test Automation framework, JAAS(JMeter As A Service), ICEMAN Tools. He also has 9 patents granted by USPTO and 128 disclosures recognized by Dell.

Speaker Details:

Joining from Bangalore, India
Speaking Experience: Targeting Quality, Test Automation and Digital QA Summit (Austin, Toronto)