Recorded 05/27/20

When testing software, it is not uncommon to hear that one hundred percent coverage is unachievable. What happens, then when we are asked to do such a thing. If the software that is being tested is used in critical infrastructure (power systems, water, medical, banking, etc.) then an escaped bug is not a trivial thing. This forces the idea that the quality of CI (critical infrastructure) software, needs to be as close to one hundred percent coverage as is possible. This is not an easy thing to achieve. It is even more difficult to achieve in a time-effective manner. So, the real question I would like to answer with this presentation is “How do you focus on quality, without breaking the bank when it comes to critical infrastructure?”.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Scope Time and Cost Relationship
  • Ranking Functions by Criticality
  • Making Quality the Team Focus
  • Quality Metrics
  • Reducing Test Times on Critical Tests

Our Speaker:

Zoe OensZoë Oens – Firmware Test Engineer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Zoë graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2014 where she studied Electrical Engineering. She was hired on at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories that same year as a Manufacturing Test Engineer. After a year and a half, Zoë transferred to Research and Development as a Firmware Test Engineer where she has applied her knowledge about quality-focused testing into their software development cycle ever since. She has given many presentations and training on automation and quality within her company during her time here and Zoë hopes for the opportunity to share her knowledge so others can apply the things she has learned.