Recorded 07/22/20

The allure of using Cucumber or other “Given/When/Then” code wrappers for DOM to Database Testing seems greater than ever. Unfortunately, there is a narrow path to being more successful with these tools than without them, and it is very rarely taken. What teams usually end up with is something that provides only some of the promised benefits but at a significantly higher cost than the alternatives. Of note, it is important to differentiate the process of Behavior Driven Development from the tools designed to facilitate this process.

In this talk, Titus Fortner, Senior Solutions Architect at Sauce Labs, will discuss the various reasons why people choose to use BDD tools, and what the benefits are supposed to be. He will then discuss the reality for many companies before getting into some of the inherent underlying issues with BDD tooling, including why teams so often end up in trouble when using them. Finally, there will be a discussion of alternatives and recommendations for getting the most out of your UI testing.

Our Speaker:

Titus Fortner - Sauce LabsTitus Fortner – Senior Solutions Architect, Sauce Labs
Titus Fortner (@titusfortner) is a core contributor to the Selenium project and the current project lead for Watir (a Ruby test library built on top of Selenium). Titus has implemented automated tests at five different companies before joining Sauce Labs as a Solution Architect, and each of these used Behavior Driven Development tools in one way or another. At Sauce, Titus has worked with numerous clients to provide framework assessments and identify key areas that can be improved in code to better achieve the company’s goals.

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