Recorded 09/09/20

Behavior Driven Development, or BDD, has been a buzzworthy term in the testing and development community for several years. At first glance the elements of BDD seem simple. Testing scenarios! Living documentation! Automation! Reports! That sounds great; why isn’t everyone doing it?

However, upon deeper dive, it’s obvious the implementation of BDD needs a lot of forethought and planning and that teams must approach it for the right reasons.

This talk will follow the evolution one team is currently experiencing in their shift to BDD. BDD was selected to help them modernize the work that the business analysts, manual testers, and automation testers were doing and to support the larger organization’s DevOps transformation. Why is BDD the right methodology for this and what does the process look like? This talk will answer those questions and share the preparation, major milestones, successes, and failures the team has encountered along the way. Join me to find out what happens when a traditional organization completely turns their old processes upside down sets out to conquer BDD.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How to approach a major process change
  • How to redefine roles as testing changes with automation and DevOps
  • Why your team might benefit from BDD

Webinar Speaker:

Christine Ketterlin Fisher – Manager, BA and QA – National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Christine began her career as a high school history teacher, but a switch to software training got her started on a career path in technology where she has held various positions in professional services and development over the past 15 years. Currently managing a team of Business Analysts and Software Quality Engineers at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, she has found that her roots in teaching are still important to help build and develop a strong team. She’s passionate about ensuring functional teams are equal members of the development team and helping define those roles as they change in a DevOps culture.

Speaker Details:

Twitter: @c_ketterlin
LinkedIn: Christine Ketterlin Fisher
Speaking Experience: Test Leadership Congress, NAIC Insurance Summit, KCDC, KCQAA, StarWest