Recorded 02/10/21

More and more companies are using Progressive Delivery to get all types of changes – new features, configuration changes, bug fixes, and experiments – into production in a safer, faster, and most importantly, a sustainable way.

Software companies that shift to Progressive Delivery benefit from low risk releases, faster time to market, higher quality, and in general happier teams. Sounds great right? But what happens when your system isn’t implemented correctly, or worse, tested properly?

This talk takes you on a journey of why teams use Progressive Delivery, and the path from basic to advanced feature flag usage.

  • Make sure you build the right product, and build the product right!
  • How to decide what testing strategies should be implemented (how to setup your unit test, end to end automation, etc)
  • What tactics are most effective for keeping your implementation healthy and effective (feature flag governance!).

Webinar Takeaways:

  • What is Progressive Delivery vs Incremental Delivery vs Continuous Delivery and Why are most modern engineering teams starting to implement Progressive Delivery?
  • Total System Testing Strategies for Progressive Delivery
  • Advanced Feature Flag Usage and Cases
  • Governance Tactics to enact to ensure success

Presentation Slides

  Jeff Sing – STP Webinar Slides – 02/10/21

Our Speaker:

Jeff Sing - STP WebinarJeff Sing – Sr. QA Engineering Manager, Iterable
Jeff is a Quality Leader who has been in the testing industry for over 15 years. During this time, he has built automation frameworks, test strategies, and executed quality initiatives for fields such as medical devices, infrastructure security, web identification, and experimentation and progressive delivery.

Jeff has most recently joined Iterable to build out a QA organization and orchestrates Iterable‚Äôs quality control plan utilizing a combination of automated testing, implementing QA procedures, and acting as our customer experience champion to ensure Iterable remains the world’s leading customer engagement platform.

Before Iterable, Jeff was at Optimizely (a Gartner Magic Quadrant company in Experimentation and Progressive Delivery). Here, he wrote and executed the governance policy to tackle the unique challenges of quality control for a non-deterministic codebase built on feature flags and experiments.

Speaker Details:

Joining from Redwood City, California
LinkedIn: Jeff Sing
Speaking Experience: Cascade SF, Opticon-19