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Demystifying Mobile Application Testing

Recorded 08/22/18 Demystifying Mobile Application Testing In the past decade, mobile technologies have rapidly evolved. What started as a "nice to have" feature for companies, is now a "must have" feature. Everything is mobile. Customers won't even check out your...

Machine Learning and Its Impact to Software Development

The value of machine learning is rooted in its ability to create models that guide future actions and to discover patterns missed by the naked eye. Machine learning methods are vastly superior in analyzing potential customer churn across data from multiple sources such as transactional, social media, and CRM sources.

Entrepreneurship in Software Testing

Are you on your way to be an independent consultant or starting a Software Testing startup? Do you feel it is more like a leap of faith or is it a very calculated step taken only when you are 100% sure of success? In order to succeed, there are some general heuristics that need to be taken care of, irrespective of which business you start but then there are specifics about the nature of business and subject matter involved that hold true for a particular kind of enterprise.

Exploring Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing can be termed: the freedom of the tester's passion to appreciate the software. Most of the script-based testing is observed to work under some commonly followed work procedures. But under some of the varying demands of the customer requirements,...