Recorded 09/12/18

What to test in a web application? What approach to use? Do we know what we want to achieve? Validate user behavior? Check if the page design is responsive on different devices? Or maybe just to know that our web application looks like we expect.

Functional, layout and visual testing are the three pillars of the UI testing trinity. We can use these approaches to develop focused tests, tests that are asserting a specific aspect of our web application.

How can we identify what approach to use? When should we combine them? There is an information overflow that presents a huge variety of tools that can help us to test through any of these approaches. Sadly, this large amount of information is making us focus more on the tools instead of focusing on the testing strategy.

This webinar will break in pieces the process of identifying how to develop a focused test, and more importantly, to understand when it makes sense to combine functional testing with layout or visual testing, and what to consider before using layout or visual testing.

If you are interested in how to integrate layout or visual testing to your current workflow, you should attend this webinar!

Our Speaker:

Diego MolinaDiego Molina – Senior Software Engineer, Element34 Solutions GmbH
Diego Fernando Molina is a Senior Software Engineer at Element34, specialized in testing infrastructure, training and test coaching, with the end goal to help people test better. He is one of the maintainers of the official docker-selenium project, and he is the co-creator of Zalenium, a dynamic Selenium Grid. He spends most of his time developing Selenium related solution, working with customers and finding ways to do UI testing in a more simple way. You can find him often in the IRC/Slack channel for Selenium.

Speaker Details:

Diego Molina – Senior Software Engineer, Element34 Solutions GmbH
Twitter: @diegofmolina
GitHub: Diego Molina
Past Events: SeleniumConf Austin, SeleniumConf Berlin