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December 2012
Vol. 9 No. 6


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STPCon Fall 2014

Monday April 14th 12am 0 0 Comments Software Test Professionals Conference
Information regarding STPCon Fall 2014 - Denver, CO 11/3 - 11/6/2014

Mashing up Data-Driven Quality and Exploratory Testing

Wednesday April 9th 12am 1 0 Comments Software Test Professionals Conference Quality Assurance Exploratory Testing
On April 15 at STPCon in New Orleans I will be presenting my talk Create Your Roadmap to Data-Driven Quality (DDQ). In its simplest form DDQ works if you have some (even if not perfect) control over what you can deploy and when you can deploy it, and at least some (again, even if not perfect) access to detect the telemetry from that system. That telemetry often comes from real users using your system, but may also come from synthetic transaction (think test cases) executing against the system.

The Domain Testing Workbook

Friday April 4th 12am 2 0 Comments Software Test Professionals Conference Test and QA
Cem and Rebecca have graciously shared a chapter of the recently published book, "The Domain Testing Workbook" authored by Cem Kaner, Sowmya Padmanabhan, and Douglas Hoffman. They will be conducting the workshop at STPCon of the same name in New Orleans on Monday, April 14th.


Sitting With a Wizard

Friday January 18th 2013 7am 10 3 Comments Software
Watching how computers are used in movies and TV shows can be amusing Some scenes have become (in)famous - the quote at the start of this post is from Jurassic Park

Five Ways Testers Can Leverage the Internet

Monday January 7th 2013 3pm 11 7 Comments Leadership Research STP Community News
This Blog was submitted by Phil Kirkham. Phil will become a regular Blog contributor in the future. If you want to become an STP Blogger reach out to me at Rhad@softwaretestpro.com to get started... As a Tester: Are you using the internet to improve your testing opportunities?

When Things Come Full-Circle

Monday December 31st 2012 9am 4 5 Comments Software Software Test Professionals Conference Testing ST&QA Magazine
Where Matt talks about the past, the present ... and the the future.


STP Radio Live

Monday April 14th 12am 0 0 Comments podcast
What's brodcasting right now? Whats coming up? Check here for the latest STP Radio!

STP RADIO #3: Introduction to STP Radio

Wednesday April 9th 12am 4 0 Comments podcast
Mark Tomlinson and Rich Hand discuss the origins of STP Podcasts and where its going in the future.

STP Radio #1: An Interview with Mark Tomlinson

Thursday March 13th 12am 2 0 Comments Software Test Professionals Conference podcast Performance
Mark Tomlinson host of PerfBytes, Performance Tester, Speaker, and all around Testing guru talks about the similarities of music and testing.


Agile Testing Challenges: Four Years Later

Thursday September 20th 2012 8am 1 1 Comment podcast

Advanced Software Testing: Reviews

Tuesday August 7th 2012 12am 0 0 Comments
Previously recorded on 8/7/2012

Test Management and Quality Management

Tuesday July 3rd 2012 12am 1 0 Comments
Previously recorded on 7/3/2012


All Animals Can Fly

Monday May 13th 2013 12am 3 3 Comments Cartoon Management
At this moment he realized that the species he was talking to knew their business much better than he had expected.

New Manager - Adaptive Difficulty

Tuesday April 2nd 2013 12am 3 1 Comment Cartoon
After the meeting, they realized the new manager suffered from some adaptive difficulty.

New procedure for build breakers

Thursday October 11th 2012 6am 6 2 Comments Cartoon
A new habit is about to start and it reminds me to the Dark Ages were thieves were put to the pillory, so everyone could see and shout at them.


Software Quality Optimization - White Paper

Friday March 1st 2013 9am 0 0 Comments Test and QA Performance Quality Assurance Process Software
Balancing business transformation and risk.

Managing COTS Test Efforts, In Three Parts

Thursday September 8th 2011 5pm 5 2 Comments Test and QA Strategy Management Software Test Professionals Conference
(Special STPCon Fall 2011 Offer Inside) - It’s Like Conducting an Orchestra! Imagine this:   You are a testing professional newly hired by a mid-to-large size company. Any industry. You are responsible for the testing of all of the company’s internal corporate systems---HRIS, Finance, ERP, CRM, CLM, Sales Management, and Knowledge Management to name a few. You have just been tasked with providing the testing strategy and test management for a large-scale commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) implementation. At first you think, “Hmm. A COTS vendor application that has already been developed, tested, boxed up, and released?!? This job is going to be a piece of cake!”

A Lifecycle Approach to Systems Quality

Thursday June 23rd 2011 4pm 0 0 Comments Test and QA Requirements
...because you can’t test in quality at the end.

Press Releases

Parasoft Releases Continuous Testing Book- Available on Amazon

Tuesday January 28th 12am 1 0 Comments Testing Test and QA Software
Book details how Continuous Testing provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with application development.

froglogic Released Cross-Platform GUI Test Automation Tool 5.0

Monday June 24th 2013 12am 2 1 Comment Automation Products Quality Assurance Regression STP Community News Test and QA Testing Tools
froglogic GmbH today announced that Squish 5.0 - a major new version of the popular Squish GUI Tester - is now available. Squish 5.0 comes with a range of improvements, such as test automation support for Android, Flex, JavaFx and QtQuick 2, and more.

Software Test Professionals Conference 2011 Commences

Monday March 28th 2011 12am 0 0 Comments Software Test Professionals Conference Agile Performance Management Automation Process Software Strategy Testing podcast
Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland

Industry PR

Changing the world of Testing for Software Testers across the world

Monday November 26th 2012 8am 0 0 Comments
A milestone was achieved by the QA team of 99X Technology, yesterday they successfully launched Sri Lanka’s first ever open source Reference Test Automation framework called “SeShell”.


Thursday October 18th 2012 8am 0 0 Comments
- Cantata 6.2 provides faster, more thorough and widely compatible unit and integration testing, facilitating business and safety critical standard compliance -

Clear2Pay and TestPlant unveil unique solution enabling full automated Mobile Payment App testing

Thursday October 18th 2012 8am 0 0 Comments

Latest Comments

Comment on Article: What is the Right Ratio of Software Developers to Testers?

Wednesday April 16th 11am
Jon, I'm at the STP conference now. Are you here? We can discuss face to face! But in short, unit testing is considered part of development. "Quality activities" might end up being more than development !

Comment on Article: What is the Right Ratio of Software Developers to Testers?

Friday April 11th 7am
When considering the ratio of testers to developers, while calculating the ratio is the time spent doing unit testing considered as "testing" or "development"? Is it more useful to look at the ratio in terms of time spent doing development activities versus all quality activities(Design Reviews, code reviews, UT, IT, QA, ST).

Comment on Crew: Risk Based Testing - Apr.2014

Thursday April 10th 2pm
We're going to talk about risk based results reporting tomorrow. Here's an advanced form of risk based results reporting, developed by Sony: http://www.rbcs-us.com/documents/Risk-Based-Test-Results-Reporting.pdf You might read this tonight, so we can discuss the article tomorrow during the discussion on risk based testing.

Comment on Crew: Risk Based Testing - Apr.2014

Thursday April 10th 12pm
Just to correct something from earlier, the *slides* for the webinars are found in the Basic Library. The full recorded webinars, complete with audio (via GoToWebinar), are found here: http://www.rbcs-us.com/software-testing-resources/library/digital-library

Comment on Crew: Risk Based Testing - Apr.2014

Thursday April 10th 10am
More templates and examples are also found here: http://www.rbcs-us.com/software-testing-resources/library/advanced-library

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