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The Secret Sauce for Making Enterprise Agile Software Testing Projects Succeed

Friday February 6th 8am 8 4 Comments Agile Testing
The Agile methodology, with its breaking down functionality to user stories, has proven effective for independent applications, which are developed and maintained by a small team of experts. However, adoption of Agile for large scale Enterprise software development remains a challenge. The main challenge in enterprise software development is maintaining the large-scale integration.

Google Glass - Age of Wearables: A Quick Review

Thursday January 8th 10am 2 1 Comment Testing Mobile
I'm writing this after 2 months of using Google Glass. As a mobile usability and UX guy, I’ve been talking a lot about wearables lately and how they will be transforming the mobile industry as they collect contextual data from the body and around the body (the environment and surroundings of the wearer).

Insider Newsletter: Responsive Design, More to Come...

Thursday December 11th 2014 12am 3 1 Comment STP Community News
Welcome to the newly designed STP Insider Newsletter. We have watched our mobile view of content (both email and web) increase as 2014 comes to a close. As a result, our event sites and soon our main SoftwareTestPro.com site will move to a more responsive design (by Q2'15).


The Downside to Being a Tester!

Thursday August 21st 2014 12am 9 3 Comments Career
The world is moving fast towards realizing the true importance of software testing. Gone are the days where management was biased against testers or testing teams. Today, we, the testers, are being looked upon as an integral part of product development. Well, the previous two statements still don’t stand true for most of us, because most of us find ourselves working with not-so-great companies.

Sitting With a Wizard

Friday January 18th 2013 7am 12 3 Comments Software
Watching how computers are used in movies and TV shows can be amusing Some scenes have become (in)famous - the quote at the start of this post is from Jurassic Park

Five Ways Testers Can Leverage the Internet

Monday January 7th 2013 3pm 13 8 Comments Leadership Research STP Community News
This Blog was submitted by Phil Kirkham. Phil will become a regular Blog contributor in the future. If you want to become an STP Blogger reach out to me at Rhad@softwaretestpro.com to get started... As a Tester: Are you using the internet to improve your testing opportunities?


STP Radio Latest Broadcast

Wednesday August 27th 2014 9am 0 0 Comments podcast
This page hosts the live stream player for any live stream from STP Radio. When we are not broadcasting live, it defaults to the latest episode posted to our account hosted on http://www.spreaker.com/show/stp-radio.

Raj Subramanian on Testing Mobile Apps

Wednesday August 27th 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Testing Mobile
Industry veteran tester Raj Subramanian and I had a great chat a little while ago on the subject of software testing for mobile applications - tools, analytics, techniques, challenges and the changes he experienced as he converted to become a "mobile tester."

Richard Bradshaw Automation in Testing

Thursday July 3rd 2014 12am 2 0 Comments Automation Testing podcast
Following up his lightning talk ("Automation is Just a Tool") at the recent Let's Test conference, Richard Bradshaw joins us to dig a little deeper into the subject of test automation, exploratory testing, automation frameworks, artificial intelligence, DevOps and Skynet.


Agile Testing Challenges: Four Years Later

Thursday September 20th 2012 8am 2 1 Comment podcast

Advanced Software Testing: Reviews

Tuesday August 7th 2012 12am 0 0 Comments
Previously recorded on 8/7/2012

Test Management and Quality Management

Tuesday July 3rd 2012 12am 1 0 Comments
Previously recorded on 7/3/2012

Online Summits

Managing Your Offshore Team and Vendor

Tuesday August 19th 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Test and QA Leadership
Many testing teams are outsourced or offshored, using people from other companies and other countries. And while it may be readily understood that you need to manage the staff, there is also a need to manage your relationship with the account manager from the outsourced company.

Embrace Your Inner Leader, Become a Quality Magnet

Tuesday August 19th 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Leadership
What does it take for a company to flourish? As processes come and go, the foundational practices that propel companies (and teams) forward are lost. The teams that struggle do so for many reasons, leaving people frustrated, complacent, and content to be left to exist in mediocrity.

One Step Ahead of Testing

Tuesday August 19th 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Testing Leadership
Have you ever had bad experience browsing over the through a service or product website. Do you recollect the glitches and the problems on the Obamacare website? Being in IT, did you ever wonder if it went through Quality control? A product’s quality is highly visible and is often determined by the end user on how well the product is meeting the business/user’s needs.


All Animals Can Fly

Monday May 13th 2013 12am 4 3 Comments Cartoon Management
At this moment he realized that the species he was talking to knew their business much better than he had expected.

New Manager - Adaptive Difficulty

Tuesday April 2nd 2013 12am 3 1 Comment Cartoon
After the meeting, they realized the new manager suffered from some adaptive difficulty.

New procedure for build breakers

Thursday October 11th 2012 6am 6 2 Comments Cartoon
A new habit is about to start and it reminds me to the Dark Ages were thieves were put to the pillory, so everyone could see and shout at them.


Software Quality Optimization - White Paper

Friday March 1st 2013 9am 0 0 Comments Test and QA Performance Quality Assurance Process Software
Balancing business transformation and risk.

Managing COTS Test Efforts, In Three Parts

Thursday September 8th 2011 5pm 5 2 Comments Test and QA Strategy Management Software Test Professionals Conference
(Special STPCon Fall 2011 Offer Inside) - It’s Like Conducting an Orchestra! Imagine this:   You are a testing professional newly hired by a mid-to-large size company. Any industry. You are responsible for the testing of all of the company’s internal corporate systems---HRIS, Finance, ERP, CRM, CLM, Sales Management, and Knowledge Management to name a few. You have just been tasked with providing the testing strategy and test management for a large-scale commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) implementation. At first you think, “Hmm. A COTS vendor application that has already been developed, tested, boxed up, and released?!? This job is going to be a piece of cake!”

A Lifecycle Approach to Systems Quality

Thursday June 23rd 2011 4pm 0 0 Comments Test and QA Requirements
...because you can’t test in quality at the end.

Press Releases

Leveraging a Blend of Crowd Testing and Dedicated Test Resources, QualiTest Ensures Telefonica’s MVNO Launches Across Latin America Without a Hitch

Tuesday July 15th 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Case Study Software Testing Mobile
QualiTest Group, the world’s second largest independent software testing company, announced today the recent completion of the first phase of a testing project for Quam, an Argentinian Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) launched by Telefonica. Using a blend of dedicated testers and crowd testing, QualiTest ensured a smooth launch of Quam’s mobile service and fulfilled the key project requirements of quality, location of testing, speed and budget.

Parasoft Releases Continuous Testing Book- Available on Amazon

Tuesday January 28th 2014 12am 2 0 Comments Testing Test and QA Software
Book details how Continuous Testing provides a real-time, objective assessment of the business risks associated with application development.

froglogic Released Cross-Platform GUI Test Automation Tool 5.0

Monday June 24th 2013 12am 2 1 Comment Automation Products Quality Assurance Regression STP Community News Test and QA Testing Tools
froglogic GmbH today announced that Squish 5.0 - a major new version of the popular Squish GUI Tester - is now available. Squish 5.0 comes with a range of improvements, such as test automation support for Android, Flex, JavaFx and QtQuick 2, and more.

Industry PR

TestPlant brings load testing to the cloud with eggPlant Performance v6

Friday January 30th 10am 0 0 Comments Testing Cloud Performance
New version of performance and load testing tool enables on-demand virtual users from the cloud London, UK – January 29, 2015 –TestPlant, the maker of the eggPlant range of software quality tools, today announced the launch of eggPlant Performance v6, the latest version of the company’s advanced performance and load testing tool.

Gurock introduces TestRail 4.0 with redesigned UX

Tuesday September 23rd 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Software Testing Tools
Gurock announced TestRail 4.0 today, a new version of their web-based test management tool. TestRail is used by software teams to manage and organize their testing efforts and to track the quality of software projects. TestRail directly integrates with popular issue tracking tools such as Atlassian JIRA.

Changing the world of Testing for Software Testers across the world

Monday November 26th 2012 8am 0 0 Comments
A milestone was achieved by the QA team of 99X Technology, yesterday they successfully launched Sri Lanka’s first ever open source Reference Test Automation framework called “SeShell”.

STPCon Fall 2014

Evolving from Automated to Continuous with Service Virtualization

Thursday October 23rd 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Software Test Professionals Conference
"Accelerate the SDLC" has become a popular mantra for software development across virtually all industries now that software is increasingly serving as the interface to the business. This is driving, among other things, the push towards DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Yet, considering that software testing has long been a thorn in the side of the development process, it's unreasonable to expect that attempts to speed up the process with more automation will achieve the desired results.

Where Things Went Wrong: Going From a Manual to an Automated World

Thursday October 23rd 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Automation Software Test Professionals Conference
Are you looking to move your manual testing to automation? What can go wrong? Let us share our mistakes so you don’t make them. We’ll discuss how our QA model prohibited us from transitioning effectively, and what we are going to do about it on our road to continuous delivery. How are we going to make sure our failures are not fatal? How can YOU make a difference, and be the change?

You Need to Test to Deliver Your Best

Thursday October 23rd 2014 12am 0 0 Comments Mobile Software Test Professionals Conference
It’s proven that mobile app users have low tolerance for apps with buggy performance, slow time to load, and minimal functionality. Poorly-performing apps are bad for brands, customer retention and customer acquisitions, and with hundreds of millions of apps on the market, it’s easier than ever to find replacement apps.

STPCon Spring 2014

Session 102: Performance Testing in Agile Contexts

Sunday April 27th 2014 12am 4 1 Comment Performance Agile Testing
Performance Testing has long been conducted as a single experiment against a fully complete and assembled system. Architecture, software, hardware, networks, data states, and workload models are all combined to try and create the most “accurate” simulation possible to produce test results predictive of production experience.

Session 205: The Good, The Bad, and The Metrics

Sunday April 27th 2014 12am 1 0 Comments Software Testing Metrics
Has your organization ever considered replacing a tester that did not write, for example, 15 test cases per day? Is the testing team blamed if defect leakage is greater than 5% into production? What drives decisions like these? The common thread in these examples is “Test Metrics”

Session 305: Zero to Sixty in 75 Minutes – What New QA Managers Need to Know

Sunday April 27th 2014 12am 1 0 Comments Test and QA Management Strategy
So you have been promoted to QA management. Now what? In this session we will look at how you can be successful from your first day as a new manager. Things like: how to conduct effective one-on-ones; don't micro manage, set expectations and build trust; letting go of the day-to-day details; have a vision of where your team needs to go.

Latest Comments

Comment on Article: Six Shocking Automation Truths

Yesterday at 2:26 PM
Truth 2 : not as easy as say "ignore everything from that day back. Instead, focus on the new features" ,I'm sure that in some cases there are some risky features that may need some automation work. I would think on prioritize some of them

Comment on Blog: Five Ways Testers Can Leverage the Internet

Tuesday March 3rd 2am
Yep, the Internet has made access to information far easier. Rather than getting stuck users can access any information with just a click. Learnt much through this article. Cheers Phill!

Comment on Article: The Secret Sauce for Making Enterprise Agile Software Testing Projects Succeed

Monday February 23rd 5am
Thanks for collecting all the bits and pieces of agile software testing http://bit.ly/1zziA14, presenting it so neatly.

Comment on Article: The Secret Sauce for Making Enterprise Agile Software Testing Projects Succeed

Wednesday February 11th 2am
Nice article on Agile and briefly explained with good example.

Comment on Article: The Secret Sauce for Making Enterprise Agile Software Testing Projects Succeed

Monday February 9th 9pm
Very True..

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