Recorded: April 12th, 2017 – 12:00pm Eastern

Yes, you heard that right… 40 of the best, FREE tools for testing software in just 60 minutes! Get your stopwatch ready! In this fast-paced session, you will be introduced to top testing tools every tester should know of so you can pull them from your toolbox when the time is right! You will learn about thinking and design tools, productivity tools, tools we use in testing, automation tools, technical tools, and management tools. Our focus is on the most useful tools to make your testing so much more powerful – that makes them power tools! Once I run through my list of top tools, we will crowdsource the rest to drive home our 40 in 60 so make sure to bring a few of your favorite free tools with you to share with other testers!

Session Takeaways:

  • You’ll learn about top FREE tools testers are using to get their work done more quickly, with greater effectiveness, and spending 0 dollars!
  • I will share why you would want each tool, what you can do with the tools, and where you can get them!
  • You will hear about the favorite free tools other testers find most valuable so you can try them out when you get back to work!

Download: 40-Best-Free-SW-TestTools60-Minutes.pdf

Webinar Speaker:

Jess Lancaster - STP Community WebinarJess Lancaster is the QA Practice Manager at TechSmith, the makers of Snagit, Camtasia, and other visual communication software applications. He has over 18 years of testing and test leadership experience with government, financial, insurance, and commercial software organizations. Jess speaks regularly on software testing topics at local meetups, conferences, and workshops. He has also served as adjunct faculty for software testing at Lansing Community College and is the co-founder of Lansing Area Software Testers.