Recorded Jan 24th, 2018

Upskilling requires unlearning followed by learning attitude for any individual. And also before transforming to anything, one needs to understand the importance in terms of “Why should I be upskilling and why should I care?”

In this webinar, Santhosh Tuppad (the presenter) is going to speak about various ways through which the audience can understand the importance of security testing for web applications and also how to contribute by performing security tests even without a prior experience. Santhosh will speak about history, present and the future of “Security” through this webinar.

In a nutshell, the audience will hear Santhosh speak about security risks, how anyone who is new to security testing can kickstart and start thinking from “security” perspective including “How”, “Why”, “Where”, “What”, “When” questions.

The key takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of security testing
  • Know about tool-assisted security testing
  • Performing “Security Tests” through “Questioning”
  • Able to start identifying risks and reporting common vulnerabilities
  • Feeling of “I can do this”

Webinar Speaker:

Santhosh TuppadSanthosh Tuppad is a passionate software tester & expert tester who comes from the context-driven school of testing and has tremendous experience in web application testing and mobile apps testing through exploratory testing approach. Be it functional testing or security testing, he is a punter. His love for computers started when he was 12 and at 16 he was a hacker.

Besides testing, he loves traveling and testing!

Speaker Contact Details:

Santhosh Tuppad – Entrepreneur, Exploratory Tester, Ethical Hacker, International Speaker, Keynote Speaker and Automation Expert
Twitter: @santhoshst
LinkedIn: Santhosh Tuppad