Welcome to the New SoftwareTestPro.com

Welcome to the new SoftwareTestPro.com!

Since 2009 STP has been serving the software testing and QA community with articles, news and training written and provided by the community at large. As times have changed, so have the demands on our site and the needs of the community. We are happy to announce that we are transitioning to our new platform to help focus content, training, and events.

Community Articles

With close to 2,300 community articles writen by testing practitioners we have quite a bit of content to re-post on the new SoftwareTestPro.com. Some of these articles are already posted here and we are adding new ones every day.

STP Radio Podcasts

STP Radio is the #1 Software Podcast on Spreaker. We will continue to not only post these shows on our STPCon site but on this new site as well. We want to make it easy for you to listen and learn.

Online and Onsite Training, Community Webinars

Coming Soon! We are ramping up our training calendar which will include free and paid webinars on topics that our community is interested in. Have a suggestion? Send us a message with the topics that you would like to hear about, we will work on a session that meets your needs, it’s what we do!

Software Test Professionals Conference Archive

Looking for our past shows? We have just the place for you. Our STPCon Archive has a listing of all of our conferences, workshops, sessions, and presentations all the way back to 2009. Check it out!

More To Come…

We will be adding on to the community site to include e-commerce, community engagement and author profiles and more. We hope to build a place where you are comfortable to share your ideas and knowledge with other like-minded professionals.

Have Some Feedback?

One of the great things about serving a community of software testing professionals is there is never a shortage of people testing your site. We receive messages from the community with corrections and suggestions from time to time. As we move through our transition to the new site we would like to continue to look to our community for help. If you find a mistake, have a suggestion, or just want to submit an article to be posted, please let us know. Email us at info@softwaretestpro.com.

Thank you so much being a part of our community, our events and make sure to tell your coleuges about the new SoftwareTestPro.com. Don’t miss out on any announcements, subscribe to our mailing list today for all the latest news and announcements.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

The STP Staff