Here at Functionize we have taken the idea of canary testing and have added some of our AI magic to make a system that is both powerful and able to automatically identify issues in your released code. Rather than simply monitor the bulk performance of all users on the new code and compare it to those on the old code, our vision was to have a system that identified each type of user journey in the system and thus compared like-for-like. By doing this, you not only get much finer-grained data, but you also get valuable insights into whether a particular user journey is a problem or not.

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Jon Seaton - FunctionizeJon Seaton – Director of Data Science, Functionize
Jon Seaton is a 29-year old data scientist who graduated with a triple major in math and science. Fresh out of school, he was hand-selected by Apple, Pandora and MIT among others to lead massive-scale, consumer-facing big data projects. Jon’s background in machine learning and artificial intelligence spans a range of industries from medical (image reconstruction) to finance, where he was tapped by Silicon Valley venture capitalists to develop proprietary algorithms for them that would help identify profitable investment targets.

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Jon Seaton – Director of Data Science, Functionize
LinkedIn: /in/jonathonseaton/