Recorded October 11, 2017

It seems that regardless of the day to day activities that we have as QA professionals, there is always time for real, frank questions about our roles and the impact we can have on, or that is had on us, by the latest technology trends. We will present a few of the most recent ones that have piqued our interest and, even more so, engendered good hearty QA debate.

The top FAQs are typically around the following areas:

  1. Will companies need testers?
  2. How does DevOps Affect the modern tester?
  3. What are the latest approaches to testing?
  4. Do testers need to know programming languages and which ones?
  5. What roles are there for non-technical testers?
  6. What is the ideal tester?
  7. Are there more modern ways to approach testing?
  8. What role do you see testing play in the applications (+/-devices) built on latest technologies – SMAC / IOT?
  9. If I wanted to move on from being a tester to some other role in my organization, what would be a good fit where I could make use of the skills I acquired as a tester?

Bring your questions to the webinar and let’s get them answered.

Our Speaker:

Brian Bernknopf - QA ConsultantsBrian Bernknopf currently serves as the Managing Director of QA Consultants USA, Inc. (QAC). He is responsible for the daily operations and management of the US business, ongoing sales and business development, staff and project management, and solution creation. QAC has been one of North America’s fasted growing independent software testing services firms over the last 20 years and Mr. Bernknopf is responsible for their US expansion.

Mr. Bernknopf is also a board member of the Dallas Per Scholas program that has the mission of breaking the cycle of poverty through IT Job and Workforce Training.