Recorded 04/22/20

Have you ever wondered if you want/need/able to test in production? Is it even possible without bringing harm to your users? Does it bring any value?

The approach isn’t new in the world. I’ll tell how we have set up lean QA for our more than 30 independent teams. This includes both – manual and automation testing, all teams ownership on QA, experimenting, monitoring and so on.

Webinar Takeaways:

  1. Test in Prod – it can actually be done. Is it worth it!
  2. Automation on many levels not only UI E2E tests
  3. Monitoring is so helpful, you should use it too
  4. Experimenting on humans is so much fun! And valuable.

Our Speaker:

Kateryna Chernikova – QA Guild Master, Wix
Kate is a mom of awesome twin boys and is passionate about QA. She live in Ukraine, working at Wix as QA manager and has been practicing QA for over 7 years.

Speaker Details:

Twitter: @cykerochka
LinkedIn: Ekaterina Chernikova
Facebook: Ekaterina Chernikova
Past Events: Testing Stage (Kyiv), RunIT (Dnipro), Selenium Camp (Kyiv), SQA Days (St. Petersburg), Dnipro QA Community meetup by Wix (Dnipro), QA Fest (Kyiv), SQA Days EU (Warsaw)