Recorded 12/11/19

The objective is to support teams to develop products that matter. Value Driven Development encourages teams to adapt and engage with end-users. Key is to develop products that are actually being used. A working product is useless when it is not being used, a quality product is pointless when it is not being used. Value-driven teams are user and usage orientated teams. They differ from product driven teams as they will not start developing when they do not understand why. They want to get it right before they will get it done. Value Driven teams strive to limit ambition and find the minimum viable product (MVP). Users benefit earlier, and teams evolve faster. Value Driven teams need to be better balanced than development teams. They are DevOps teams that are user orientated. They are open-minded, explore opportunities, discover valuable steps, experiment to fail fast and learn fast. They make sustainable products that matter continuously.

Key Takeaways:

  • Testers should step forward and speak up.
  • They have the skill to interact with users, to explore and experiment until value emerges.
  • They have the ability to guide their development teams to the next level and become Value Driven teams.

Our Speaker:

Marcel Kwakernaak – QA, Agile & DevOps Consultant – Shell
Marcel Kwakernaak - QA, Agile & DevOps Consultant - ShellMarcel Kwakernaak is a test professional with 20 years of experience in Testing, QA, Release management, Agile / DevOps coaching. Specialized in helping teams to develop products that matter. Focused on value and quality consistently and raising innovative capabilities while doing so. The right product in the right way. He is a hands-on expert and an inspirational lead and coach. A true value driven and DevOps evangelist. He is experienced in helping organizations to benefit from User Story Mapping, Specification by Example, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Test Automation and CI/CD. Motto: Start with the end-user in mind, aim for the MVP, increase experimenting, embrace fast failure and if it is difficult, practice more often.

Speaker Details:

LinkedIn: Marcel Kwakernaak