This is a rework of a cartoon I drew in December 2006 based on a story that happened almost exactly like the cartoon demonstrates. I was “CC”-ied an Email which the head developer at that time answered to Engineering team. He forced them to deploy a piece of code while bypassing all agreed software deployment processes. And it wasn’t the only time we suffered such actions. The original version of the cartoon together with one of my first contributions as an author was published later by BZMedia, N.Y.

About the Author

Torsten Zelger I am in the testing business since 12 years and started straight with test automation. A subject that still fascinates me although today I focus more on automated testing BELOW the UI and manual testing again. Before testing I was developing software myself.

I hold a BS degree in Computer Science, one Diploma of the Swiss Commercial School and an old ISEB software tester certification of London. Besides testing software I exhilarate other “partners in misery” with my cartoon contribution at my blog and also some of those can be found in here.