Are test management and quality management the same? Are they different? How are they related? Many people are confused about these questions, and that confusion results in many problems for test teams around the world. Rex Black has seen that confusion first-hand and has helped clients resolve the problems that confusion can cause. In this webinar, Rex will provide five key lessons in how to recognize confusion and resolve problems, illustrated with case studies throughout. You will leave this session ready to provide clear leadership in test management and quality management and to help your organization achieve successful testing and quality.

Our Speaker:

Rex Black - RBCSRex Black – President and Principal Consultant of RBCS, Inc
With a quarter-century of software and systems engineering experience, Rex specializes in working with clients to ensure complete satisfaction and positive ROI. He is a prolific author, and his popular book, Managing the Testing Process, has sold over 25,000 copies around the world, including Japanese, Chinese, and Indian releases. Rex has also written three other books on testing – Critical Testing Processes, Foundations of Software Testing, and Pragmatic Software Testing – which have also sold thousands of copies, including Hebrew, Indian, Japanese and Russian editions. In addition, he has written numerous articles and papers and has presented at hundreds of conferences and workshops around the world. Rex is the immediate past president of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.