Recorded 03/27/19

DevOps has introduced us to a world where the traditional boundaries between development and operations are gone. Teams own their application from that first commit, into production. But what does that mean for testing?

Join our STP Community Webinar host, Smita Mishra, as she leads this panel discussion with Theresa Neate and Hilary Weaver-Robb. These seasoned Testing Professionals will discuss their experiences with testing, development, and a leadership perspective in a DevOps world. They will also discuss how testing has evolved, and the types of testing they are focusing on now.

Session Takeaways:

  • How our roles have evolved
  • What is the role of a tester (and developer!) in a DevOps world?
  • What skills are needed for testing in DevOps?
  • What kind of testing, and when, are we looking at now?

Our Speakers:

Theresa Neate – Senior Developer Advocate, REA Group

Theresa NeateTheresa Neate is a senior developer advocate, lead quality analyst and test consultant – with several years of leadership experience – who loves lean and agility and advocates for holistic system quality and systems thinking.

In her spare time, Theresa studies a Diploma of Networking, freelance blogs for TechTarget DevOpsAgenda, sits on their Advisory Board, and co-organises and contributes at DevOps Girls. She’s a lifelong and eternally curious skeptic and learner.

Speaker Details:

Twitter: @TheresaNeate

Hilary Weaver-Robb – Software Quality Architect, Quicken Loans

Hilary Weaver-RobbHilary Weaver-Robb is a software quality architect at Detroit-based Quicken Loans. She is a mentor to her fellow testers, makes friends with developers, and helps teams level-up their quality processes, tools, and techniques. Hilary has always been passionate about improving the relationships between developers and testers and evangelizes software testing as a rewarding, viable career. She runs the Motor City Software Testers user group, working to build a community of quality advocates. Hilary tweets (a lot) as @g33klady, and you can find tweet-by-tweet recaps of conferences she’s attended, as well as her thoughts and experiences in the testing world, at

Speaker Details:

Twitter: @g33klady
LinkedIn: Hilary Weaver-Robb