Recorded 10/25/17

Testing as a practice has evolved over many years. We have had many experts who are popular today. We have many styles, schools and approaches to testing. A lot of complex problems have been solved. Yet – there remains a bunch of problems that are fundamental that have remained unsolved. For example:

  • How do we solve the problem of training testers at large scale?
  • What metrics other than Pass-Fail can be used as indicators of software quality?
  • How do we prevent testers only being held responsible for a bug in production?

Pradeep deep dives on these problems and tells why these problems remain unsolved. How does it matter to you? Knowing the traps helps you avoid them. Avoiding them helps you progress. Progressing helps solve these problems.

Our Speaker:

Pradeep SoundararajanPradeep Soundararajan loves solving testing problems. He loves it to the extent that he has traded tons of money to remain in testing. He started off as a tester and then became an independent consultant and built Moolya Testing – a niche testing services company and now in parallel to all that he is building AppAchhi – A.I. Driven App Testing Platform in Real User Conditions. Never before has a Panda been so loved.


LinkedIn: TesterTested
Twitter: @TesterTested