Recorded 01/08/20

Technology has drastically evolved throughout the past decade. Many innovations have deeply influenced our lives such as smartphones, bitcoin, electric cars, and blockchain, but artificial intelligence (AI) definitely tops the list. AI has become vital in analyzing large amount of unstructured data and identifying different patterns, relationships and perform process optimization in various domains including speech recognition, self-driving cars, computer vision, health care, fintech and now in software testing. We now have the ability to predict future behavior and discover patterns missed by the naked eye with the help of complex models that analyze large amounts of data. This becomes all the more important with the need to support the latest developments in software testing related to Agile Processes, DevOps and CI/CD integration. This being the case how are we as Testers going to adapt to this change and embrace AI? Also, in the era of where we want to automate everything, how is AI going to influence the way we do test design and automation?

Come join this session, where I cover the basics of AI, existing problems with testing, discuss the key ways software testing can benefit from AI and the challenges involved in implementing AI based solutions. Attending this session will help anyone to get started with AI based testing.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn the Basics of AI
  • Current challenges with test automation
  • How AI helps to solve these challenges
  • Future of AI based testing

Webinar Speaker:

Raj SubrameyerRaj Subrameyer – Principal Consultant, ChaiLatte Consulting
Raj is a Speaker, Writer and Coach at ChaiLatte Consulting. He helps developer tools and/or services companies build awareness, increase organic website traffic, and generate leads through content creation and social influencer marketing. He also provides test consulting, training and coaching to make people and processes more effective. He actively contributes thought leadership and enrichment to the software community through conference talks, contributed articles, blogs and youtube videos, where he shares development, testing, leadership and productivity experiences gained through various development projects. You can read Raj’s expertise on his personal website He can be reached at, or follow him on twitter – @epsilon11.

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