Recorded 04/15/20

Add a little spice to your day and kick that software change out the door without a single set of eyes on it. Do it multiple times a day and you might think it would cause an ulcer! No need for antacids or a doctor, just come to this session to find out all the juices and spices necessary to make that delicious secret sauce of automated tests that allows CenterEdge Software to continuously deploy most of its web software, both micro-services and monoliths.

CenterEdge uses Mocha & Chai for API tests and TestCafe for UI tests, both written in TypeScript/JavaScript, and employs Jenkins for builds and Spinnaker for deployments. Those will be the examples used, but these concepts can be applied to any tools that cover those needs.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • Find the key to versioning automated tests with the software.
  • Ensure confidence in the reliability and coverage of the tests.
  • See where and how to insert tests into the build and deployment pipeline.
  • Learn to tell it like it is, take a deep breath, and let go

Webinar Speaker:

Heath Howe - QA Automation Lead, CenterEdge SoftwareHeath Howe – QA Automation Lead, CenterEdge Software
As a software test engineer, Heath has spent the last 18 years leading successful test, test automation, and performance test projects. He has a passion for increasing quality and automating tasks at every opportunity within small companies and large corporations alike.

Heath currently shepherds the test automation effort for the web applications at CenterEdge Software, pushing always forward for continuous delivery of all software components. CenterEdge is based in Roxboro, NC and provides comprehensive operational and management software for family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, water parks and the like in the U.S. and beyond.

Speaker Details:

LinkedIn: Heath Howe
Past Events: TriTAUG, Testingmind