Recorded 02/12/20

AI and machine learning seem to be making a strong impact in every industry, and software testing is no exception. From improving efficiency to helping teams shorten release cycles, AI is the latest phenomenon that companies are trying to understand and implement successfully among their teams. In this webinar, Jennifer Bonine will discuss the impact and scope of AI in testing. She will address some of the most burning questions out there on the subject around its impact to testers and give practical advice for when and how to add AI to your testing practices.

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Our Speaker:

Jennifer Bonine - CEO, PinkLion AIJennifer Bonine – CEO,
Jennifer Bonine is a well-known speaker, teacher, and trainer at both national and international conferences. She has keynoted numerous Testing, Agile, and Development conferences. Jennifer’s belief is that we should do what we are passionate about and believes in living your passion. To this end, Jennifer co-founded and is the CEO of Pink Lion AI: a breakout AI company that brings AI to the world’s app teams and delivers AI integration with a human engagement model while educating teams on solving challenges with an AI-first strategy. Jennifer is the first female AI testing tech CEO and is currently collaborating in the entertainment, gaming, media and professional sports industries with Test.AI. As Test.AI’s partner PinkLion is solving testing challenges using AI that have been unsolvable with more traditional automation testing. Jennifer has held executive-level positions leading development and quality engineering teams for Fortune 100 companies in several Industries. In a recent engagement Jennifer served as a strategy executive and in corporate marketing for the C-suite. Jennifer is also a founding sponsor and member of AI Grrls and Supporter of Lead the Way to give children in hospitals needed distractions and technology solutions.

Speaker Details:

Twitter: @jennifer_bonine
Facebook: Jennifer Bonine
LinkedIn: Jennifer Bonine
Past Events: STPCon