Halo Effect often comes up in Technology organizations and could adversely affect the performance of the team, the business and the IT product itself.

The “Halo-Effect” is defined as “Generalization from the perception of one outstanding personality trait to an overly favorable evaluation of the whole personality” (Merriam-Webster).

Most often it’s assumed that a great project manager will be great as a test manager, as it is within that person’s area of expertise and vice-versa, but this is not necessarily a fact. Project management and Test management are individual disciplines which require special skills and training. Careful consideration has to take place before choosing a person for either of these roles.

Here are the top 7 leadership qualities of a Project Manager and a Test Manager that could help filling up for these roles.

Project Manager Should:

  1. Have a Vision and be a forward thinker
  2. Be Motivating
  3. Be Reliable
  4. Have Clear communication Skills – verbal, written and presentation skills
  5. Should be Influencing and negotiation skills
  6. Be a great Decision Maker
  7. Effective planning and organizational skills
  8. Be good at Delegation
  9. Should have Conflict Management/Team building
  10. Have Political and Cultural awareness

Test Manager Should:

  1. Be a Great Problem Solver
  2. Have Strong analytical skills
  3. Have Strong attention to detail
  4. Have Strong Verbal and Written communication skills
  5. Disagree Diplomatically
  6. Be Active Listener
  7. Have Negotiation Skills
  8. Foresee potential issues and risks
  9. Have Collaboration and team building skills
  10. e Flexible and Adaptable with changing priorities

About the Author

Madhavi Vennavelli Madhavi Vennavelli is an experienced IT professional and leader, gaining experience through various roles in IT and in Business. She has successfully led several sized projects in a variety of industry domains including strictly regulated financial, retail and automotive industries. She specializes in Business Process Improvement strategies in addition to IT Project and Program Management disciplines.

Madhavi’s passion is building leaders and bringing out the best in them. She is also an entrepreneur focused to serve the IT industry by providing quality services and developing earth friendly products through the IT consulting firm Abtech Software Inc. (http://www.abtechsoftware.com)

You can learn more about Madhavi at http://www.linkedin.com/in/mvennavelli or http://about.me/iMadhavi