Recorded January 10th, 2018

Security testing is a huge topic. In this webinar, Ken will discuss his experience working for small companies where security testing is a requirement, but often gets overlooked. Ken will explore some of the basic things a software development professionals should know about web application security, such as the resources available from OWASP. As part of this talk, Ken will demo the following tools against a target:

  • OWASP Zed Attack Proxy
  • Microsoft Thread Modeling tool
  • Wireshark / tcpdump

Key Take Aways:

  • A quick overview of some tools and threats that software development professionals can use on a daily basis today!
  • Resources to learn more about security testing
  • Ways of practicing it in a safe environment

Ken created a post on his blog that provides links to the stories, tools, readings and practice tools he mentioned in his presentation. Enjoy!

Ken De Souza - QA Dev Auvik Networks, IncKen De Souza has been in software development for over 15 years, starting as a developer bent on automatically checking everything he built. He is a security enthusiast, currently specializing in exploratory testing and building automated checks, with a passion for delivering high-quality software at a rapid pace. He has recently spoken at QA or the Highway 2017 and CopenhagenContext 2017.

Speaker Contact Details:
Ken De Souza – QA Developer, Auvik Networks Inc
Twitter: @kgdesouz
LinkedIn: Ken De Souza
Blog: Blog.Tkee
Past Events: QA or the Highway, CopenhagenContext